FloraPM is a project management organization that fuses ecological integrity with business acumen. FloraPM is based on three pillars (project management, knowledge, local entrepreneurship), all connected by a common goal being green growth, for which the Natural CapitaIistic principles are used as a guideline.

I work on this mission with great pleasure and commitment because I am convinced that a change of mindset is needed, both in consumer behaviour as in corporate policies. In my vision integrating sustainability into our way of investing, doing business, and living together is one of the greatest, and most necessary challenges of our time, especially regarding the fact that we have to share our world with 9 billion souls in the decades to come.

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The first pillar of FloraPM is project management. Before becoming self-employed I have been working as a project manager at HP and PwC’s. I have lead complex projects in an international environment [more]

In the JuryThe second pillar, being knowledge, I bring into practise by writing blogs about sustainable growth and by giving masterclasses; recently I was involved as a workshop leader and jury member during the Nudge Young Leadership Challenge 2013 [more]

The last pillar is aimed at the promotion of the making and distribution of sustainable products on a local level. Together with a fellow enterpreneur we started a company making rillettes of wild geese, inspired by the circular economy [more]