Floor Weijman

Floor Weijman outside

Floor Weijman

Floor isn't easily captured in a few words. Thankfully her business success doesn't depend entirely on this introduction, her deeds are well capable of speaking for themselves.

I know Floor to be a serious and unconventional visionary, who has helped me more than once to weed out the clutter and focus on what matters. While she overlooks the whole playing field and strives for harmonious solutions, she is not afraid of cutting away that what needs to be cut away to achieve her vision. If it doesn't add value, it will not be implemented by Floor.

In her spare time Floor will be found outside. I have been fortunate to accompany her on many occasions, and I still learn from her inquisitive spirit. She loves spending time in her vegetable plot, again, weeding out and cutting away that what is necessary for the harvest, and doing what is profitable for her plot and its environment for the near future and for years to come. Another favorite of Floor is herding sheep. As there are no sheep dogs allowed to assist with this particular flock of sheep, she always has plenty of people around looking forward to assist and accompany her on an outing. 

In spending time with Floor, you are sure to be amazed by her unique personality and her broad range of interests and competences. I'm glad I had the opportunity to write this short introduction about Floor, as she is far too modest to speak highly of herself.

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