Introduction course Grow Green

More than ever project management is a way of topsport. Project managers need to deliver high quality projects with tight budgets and substantial time constraints. And where sustainability used to be an idealistic term, it is now being included in projects on a more regular basis. With often multiple returns.

In the training Grow Green you will learn how to integrate sustainability in every phase of your project. New, fresh ideas will therefore get a chance and will have their influence on the final project results.

In the introduction course Grow Green the framework will be given for sustainable project management, after we have defined the business case of sustainable project management en the current and alternative economic paradigms that are influencing our economic thinking.

The introduction course is meant for everybody who is interested in the combination of project management and sustainability like project managers, operations managers and quality managers.

The course consists of two evenings. New data will be published asap. For more information or courses in house please contact Floor Weijman.

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