What can we, as project managers, do to make contributions that take into account the interests of the company, the environment and social equality. We have several tools at hand:

1) We should ask questions regarding the projects that we are involved in. Do our projects really serve society and natural capital or are they only there to make short-term profit at cost of society and eco-systems?

To ask these questions we need to be prepared to have a honest look at our projects and our own involvement. Therefore we need knowledge. This knowledge should definitely be part of our project management education and portfolio.

->Course: Introduction sustainable projectmanagement

->Masterclass: Eco-creativity

2) We should be able to present alternatives. Sometimes projects can be altered by just looking in a different way of their reasons of existence. By questioning projects and being able to present alternatives we are able to change the direction and the scope the projects we are involved in. Being able to make profits at one hand, but make a contribution to society or eco-systems on the other hand should be the main guideline for a sustainable project manager. The route will almost never be the same, but the principles of Natural Capitalism (Hawken, Lovins & Lovins) could give powerful input on these guidelines.

Also this part of our responsibility needs education and insight. We need to understand the world and have a profound discussion with all of us on how we can contribute to a healthy economic paradigm that can feed our project management guidelines on sustainable growth. A paradigm that is aimed at treating economy as integral part of the natural environment and as a serving instrument for civilizations. Projects, with well educated project managers could add real value to this new economy and to creating a sustainable equal world.

->Lecture: Sustainable Business Innovation

Feedback from Chinese student of the study European Business Innovation (University of applied sciences, Utrecht) “I really loved  your course! I found your topics were very interesting. For Natural Capitalism, I think the basic idea is to “reuse” and “produce”. So it’s like a circle and never stops.
The most inspiring part was “biomimicry”. I liked the bird you showed us. It made me to think, we can really study the law of nature, and imitate their habits of structure, and create a stuff that can be used in our life. Like why lotus leaf doesn’t absorb water? Does that mean it’s anti-water? So maybe this structure can be used to building something that should be anti-water.”

->Course: Eco-next

->Follow-Up Course: Sustainable projectmanagement

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