Local Enterpreneurship

Talking about sustainable business in one thing. Doing sustainable business is another thing. So, one dream of me was to turn theory into reality, face the challenges and make a sustainable product myself and bring this on the market.

Since a few months this dream is becoming reality. With a fellow entrepeneur we have created a new product; rillettes of wild geese.

Since quite a few years the Netherlands are “overflown” by wild geese. Giving inconvenience to farmers, air traffic and other wildlife is has been decided that part of the population will be shot on a yearly base. Unfortunately, most of the geese, and therefore also the meat, is being destructed.

We think that destruction of excellent, free range meat is a bad idea. At the least, we said, we should try to turn this into a nourishing high-quality product.

This has resulted in “rillettes of wild geese”, and several months and tastings later we are ready to bring our product to the market. Please refer to mjamjam for more information.

Rillettes van gans

Floor & Valerie


















foto’s: Pieter Leeflang

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